52 Weeks' #3 Shadows
Friday, January 17, 2014
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What a great way to end the week! In the company of some terrific pet photographers who I admire greatly, here again participating in the Beautiful Beasties Network's 52 WEEKS Blog ring.

We missed Week 1's theme: Introductions.  So I present to you here my "Oreo". One of my "shadows". Never leaves my side. He is a Mixed Breed/Pure Heart; a rescue from Mexico. Several veterinarians told me Oreo would never walk again after both of his hind legs were fractured when he collided violently with a motocycle on a highway in Acapulco. But he proved them wrong.  He runs now, like a Greyhound, true to his Spanish Galgo descent.  He is strong and determined and knows about survival. He teaches me new lessons every day. Does he miss the sand and the palm trees?  I don't think so! 

Make sure to visit Raleigh pet photographer, InBetween the Blinks to start your weekend with a fun viewing experience.  Click through the links that you'll find at the bottom of each post until you arrive back here at Grace Wears Fur.  

See you next week!

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Pavlina - What a sweet pup with large shadow. I miss snow ;)
Barbara - Wonderful story and beautiful images to go with it! Way to tackle shadows and backlight and sunflare all at once!
Lina - I do believe in miracle! Oreo is a strong boy and proud of him!
Shelley - Beautiful pics, beautiful boy, looking forward to seeing him!
Karen - Lovely story and very handsome boy.
Jackie P - I hope to meet Oreo soon! I love your perspective on the first one! Glad he proved the docs wrong!
Jennifer - what a lucky and pretty boy Oreo is , love that sun flare ;)
Kathryn Schauer - Lovely shots! Love OREO!!
Kelly - I love the sun in the last two - beautiful!