Not Just a Headshot
Saturday, January 16, 2016
By Marna Niebergall de Rojas, Embracing Grace Photography + Grace Wears Fur
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It all started when I casually mentioned to Bob that he maybe needed to think about a new headshot for his Linkedin Profile.  The one he had wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t good either.  And he confessed that he had taken it himself with his iPhone.  The guy’s a banker.  I mean, he needs a real headshot.  He put off scheduling and weeks later I understood why.  He had discovered the joys of the Reformer at Tensile Strength Studio in Barrington, and he was on a roll to reclaim those core muscles, and his lean-and-mean former self that I had known years ago when we were friends at the University of Illinois. All kinds of things happen in a person’s psyche when they entertain the idea of stepping in front of a professional photographer’s lens to be immortalized. Bob had prepared well for his session.  For months.  And we decided that he should be my first client in my new studio…………..on the first day the studio opened.  He brought with him a captivating confidence, (that’s what Pilates can do for you) and all the comfortable positive energy of an old friend.  Forget everything you've heard about bankers. He’s still a little crazy after all these years, even when wearing a suit.  And did I say I love being a member and shooting at the new Studio Share Photography location in the heart of Barrington?

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